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Training Excursions

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Training fishing excursions

The old style of chartering (we catch the fish and you just reels it in) does not apply here. This is a training trip and I use this time to get the clients actively involved in the overall fishing experience. From getting bait to rigging and setting a spread. I focus in getting the anglers exposed to as much practical action as possible and use evening times to discuss and explain issues pertaining the overall aspect of deep sea fishing. Both new and experience fisherman gain from these excursions.

More than 40% of all my clients do have their own boats or are in the process of pursuing this unique sport by themselves but appreciate the value adding advice and guidance they get during these expeditions.

Pending on the time available, I try to cover the following aspects;
1. Effective use of:

  • Electronic equipment to maximum advantage while fishing for game and bill fish
  • book-a-training-trip

  • Out rigger
  • Down rigger
  • Teasers

2. Terminal tackle configurations
3. Various trolling and drifting patterns,
4. Skipper responsibilities on deck
5. Boat positioning during a fight
6. Getting Bait Fish and Live Bait
7. Bait preparation and rigging
8. Fishing with live bait vs artificial baits
9. General ski-boating

  • Loading, off-loading and towing,
  • Beach work,
  • Preventative maintenance,

10. Tagging and releasing marlin and sailfish.

On completion of these innovative fishing excursions you the angler will have a clear understanding of both game and bill fishing techniques and will be able to apply the principles on your own boat.